Additional Donations to MSK

On this page, all of our sponsors and those who made an additional donation to MSKCC (click to do so now) are proudly displayed. Remember, our rewards for your contributions are as follows:

(Must show up at 5k to redeem gifts)
1$ contribution- name on this page
5$ contribution – name on page + one free carnival game
10$ contribution – name on page + one discounted walker
12$ contribution – name on page + free optional choice of drink at race (coffee or hot chocolate)
20$ contribution – name on page + your choice of dessert (oatmeal cookie, chocolate chip cookie, or brownie) + choice of discounted walker or free carnival game
100$ contribution or more – all of the above plus Memorial Sloan Kettering items as a sign of gratitude (chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc.)

How can we get you to donate more? Fill in the form below to contact us with your ideas. We do not use your email for anything, it is just entered so you can reach out to us.





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